Reflection Paper On Politics And The English Language

1594 Words Nov 20th, 2016 7 Pages
This course has been a challenge for me. At the beginning of this class and after receiving a grade of an eighty-five on “Politics and the English Language” assignment I believed a passing grade would come easy. However, as the papers started to transition into actual essays and after receiving a failing grade on the following two assignments, one which was the first paper of the class, I realized it was going to be harder than expected. These two failing grades were the breaking point that gave me the determination and motivation to try and pass this class. Just like any writer, I have some strength’s in my writing that includes brainstorming, critical thinking as well as producing an introduction, but also needed to improve on the weak ones like for instance my grammar; punctuations and citations and works cited page needed improvement as well. Writing has always been one of the most vulnerable subjects for me. I knew I had to build on my writing strengths and learn how to overcome the weaknesses to have still a possibility of earning a passing grade. I consider brainstorming to be effective in my writing and to be more exact; the bubble map method is what helps me while brainstorming. It gives me the opportunity to see the good points and topics for the paper. The first assignment had very few and simple errors, which clearly shows that the bubble map method I used worked. Evidence of this is noted at the beginning of the second paragraph where it advises “Orwell states…

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