Reflection Paper On Education And Social Class

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Education and social class was something that just clicked in my head when I heard of the two concepts a few years ago. Now in college when I revisit these themes of life and read the articles about them in the book I can look at it in another way. In my first M1 essay I learned a lot of things about myself, mostly how I need to improve. In the first essay I learned that I need to improve my into paragraph a lot. It didn’t not even have a good hook, something to grab the reader’s attention. After the hook I had no transaction from the hook to my thesis, I started off about social class and just went right to my thesis. Reading my thesis, I learned that I need to improve on it because my thesis is a start but was not where is had to be. I only included one part of the essay in my thesis. I didn’t not even talk about experience of social class help to define or shape our expectations for education. Overall my into paragraph needs to have a better hook, something more broad and transaction that broad topic to a more specific thesis. As I move through my body paragraphs I see that I did not include as much support as I needed to. For example, paragraphs two, four and five doesn’t have any support. It just has my point I made and nothing from the authors to back me up. I also need to add more detail in my paragraphs. In my sixth paragraph I talk about education being a big part of each social class but I never talk about why it is and how it really effects the people. I also saw…

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