Reflection Paper On Consciousness And Consciousness

1054 Words Mar 19th, 2016 null Page
Consciousness is a difficult concept to explain because it is such a difficult concept to grasp. It is defined as an awareness or perception of one’s self and the world around them. It is hard to define consciousness because it is difficult to describe how one is aware and able to think with their mind when it is something people can just do naturally. From a physics perspective, it would be effective to create a program to understand consciousness starting with atoms or elementary particles (Vasavada 5). However, scientifically, we know just about nothing when dealing with consciousness. People often think about why they have a mind that is capable of creating thoughts and able to understand where their physical body starts and ends and where other objects are in reference. It is often questioned how the world is made up of physical parts and so is the brain and yet out of all the physical parts of the world, it is only the brain out of all these objects, which is able to create a mind that is capable of thoughts, awareness, and thus consciousness. We as humans, are still not able to explain where consciousness comes from, how we have it, and even if it is a way that we are connected to the universe or all living things. “Starting with elementary particles, inanimate objects like rocks etc, then cells, plants, bacteria, animals and finally human beings would have progressively increasing consciousness” (Vasavada 5). One could argue that simple living things and inanimate…

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