Reflection Paper About Scruffy

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More than 650 people died and thousands were left homeless. Thus, the whole week I was not able to concentrate. My family and I were calling family members in order to find out if they were safe. They were all right but some lost their businesses. In my mind throughout the whole week, I was trying to contact people from the embassy in order to send clothing and food for those who lost everything. My thoughts were only with Ecuador. Thus, when I drew Scruffy, his whole body was colored in black. In my other drawings, Scruffy does not have color because I left him blank in order for his wrinkles to be visible. Thus, my emotions influenced my drawing and notes only on that day.
During every observation there were questions that came to my mind about Scruffy. Some of those questions were, would there be any
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In one of the class’ exercise the professor made a list of what we think should go under the word male, non-male, and female. However, the professor made each list one by one in order for us to think of each one individually. Immediately majority of the class assumed that non-male meant female. This exercise allowed everyone to reflect on how unconsciously people think that non-male means female, in which it has become an issue when it comes to do research about just women. As a result, people describe women as the opposite of what describes men. Likewise, I made assumptions of Scruffy’s behavior. I though that he would show anger and impatience every time that I would ignore him. However, I learned that scruffy was never angry with me; he was trying to protect me when heard noises from outside. He would walk in front of me when he heard any noise; thus, I made the assumption about his behavior without truly giving him a chance to show me the reason for acting angry most of the

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