Personal Narrative: An Interview With A Woman

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I interviewed a woman who is a neighbor and friend; we attend the same church together. She is always sharing these fantastic empanadas with everyone, and I wanted to know her more in-depth. Food always brings people together. She allowed a 45-minute recorded interview, which went fine. An audio tape recording via a microphone during the interview process brought an impersonal component for both of us, a tad awkward, there were deep feelings she shared toward the end of the interview that was not recorded. I respected her feelings and the vulnerability of the situation she was in; it was a privilege to hear what she had to say. Her name is withheld for privacy purposes, but in this reflection, she will go by the name of Lily, as lilies flourish …show more content…
She also mentions that even the children know how to dance the Salsa and Merengue. There is a lot of Spanish, African and Andean influence in the local dances. Marinera is a national and traditional dance, used for every occasion and is danced to Spanish folk music. It is a couple’s dance, the young and old all participate, even little children dance together. There is a lot of flirting in the dance, with high energy, spectators and dancers often clap to the beat of the music, while a person hits a tap box for the beat. Traditional flutes, guitars, charangos, and zamponas are instruments used in the music. Props are often used with this dance, sombreros for the men and handkerchiefs for the women. Lily mentions dance is essential when celebrating Peru’s Independence Day or Christmas, hundreds of dancers from the surrounding regions participate in a parade in her hometown of Arequipa, which is the capital of Peru. All female dancers have their hair up, or in a bun, each dancer’s clothing depends on which region they represent. In the capital city, women wear solid bright color tops and long matching heavy flared skirts, while men are often in cream or coordinated colors. At times I struggled to understand Lily’s terms on specific details, not knowing Spanish, she had to spell them out for me. I admired her perseverance in trying to understand English grammar better. Acculturation needs to occur inside America, a fusion of ethnic dances permeating society from those individuals who have settled in America. A transformation involving dance in the American societies fabric towards joy, celebration, and enjoyment for all ages and not merely competition, or entertainment. Social norms in Peru are a dichotomy to those in America. In Peru, if someone serves you food, you

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