Reflection On The Giver

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though he wonders that maybe it is just an echo. The story is narrated by the third person, but with Jonas’s point of view. In my opinion, Lowry has chosen this viewpoint because she wants to us to understand more about the main character. Readers get to learn about Jonas’s society and his thoughts about it in his own view point. If the author had chosen a different viewpoint, we would not have learn about what he feels when he receives the memories The Giver gives him, when he sees snow, sunshine, rainbow, colors, love,… all of the things that we all are so familiar with for the first time; or what makes him realize that he needs to change his world that is filled with Sameness… I think Jonas’ feelings are one of the factors that have …show more content…
One reader commented on “[…] The Giver was a great book that showed what love and pain are really about. It also shows how scary a world of perfection can be. […]” I totally agree with this opinion. Jonas’s world is perfect without sadness and love; everyone lives happily in their disciplined society. However, because there is no love, children are taken away from their birthmothers and live with parents who are not their real parents, children and elders are killed without anyone mourning for them because no one know what death means. Nobody likes pain, but if there is not pain, love and happiness would not exist. A world without love and pain is indeed scary. Another reader commented on “I do not have children, however I am a nanny to 3. The oldest is starting 5th grade and will read the book, among others, for me this summer. This book has violence. It has sexual content. It is about a supposed utopian community that has some of the most horrible values that it makes you want to rip it apart in anger. That is exactly why we should let these kids read it. So there's violence. What 5th grader hasn't seen harry potter, transformers, iron man, or any other movie? Kids these days love action movies and shows where the good guy conquers over evil and does a little butt kicking while he's at it. But 5th graders also need to figure out things on their own, for example: what is good? what is evil? how can something that was supposed to be good turn out to be evil? The Giver helps them discover for themselves what they believe is right as they discover more about how the book's society works. As far as the sexual content, its a boy going through puberty. Kids know what that's like. They know the confusion and the uncertainty that comes along with it. Parents say this book steers kids away from talking about puberty, but if parents are open and available yet not pushy then their kids

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