Reflection On Stressful Event

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Unit VI Reflection Paper
As I write this paper today, I will reveal certain stressful events in my life that despite the circumstances and years they both seem to connect one way or another. The stressful event I will write about today is my experience of living in an abusive household. Despite the fact that it has been a year since I moved out of that household, I continue to deal with the stress from this past event.
My Stressful Event
I’m going to go back a few years, where it all started, in 2009 I was a victim of sexual assault, I was only 15 years old, a freshman in high school that was constantly being harassed by another student. This individual would forcefully harass me and I was too afraid at that time to speak up. This event led me to have trust issues, and become quite antisocial. I have trouble with relationships, because I constantly remember this event and it shuts me down from getting to know someone special. Now I mentioned this event, because my second stressful event hurts me quite the same way. In 2013, I moved in with my sister and her family, everything was perfect till about a year later , where her boyfriend started becoming abusive. He was more of an emotional abuser, he would hurt you
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Physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization motivated me one way or another. Everything within the psychological needs stage and safety needs motivated me, while family, self-esteem, freedom, and my desire to become successful in life also boosted me to solve my problem. I mean these factors motivate me, because I want to break away from this cycle, I want to feel free; as if I deserve some happiness, and like I am finally living my full potential. I am a very young woman, but I feel like I have wasted so much time trying to fight my pain and

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