Essay Reflection On Ethnicity And Race

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Reflection three

This reflection reflects my experience on Ethnicity and Race. In my cultural studies class I learnt new and real life definition of these two words. Ethnicity is defined as the fact or state of belonging to a social group that share the common nation and traditions. Whereas race is defined as each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics.

My interpretation to these socially created words is that race is biological. Race is what runs into your blood?, what your DNA is made of?, how you perceived by others and what identifies you?, all these aspects come together to define your RACE. Whereas ethnicity is different from race, it is how you live, what you eat, and in which culture you born and brought up. For example: I can never change the fact that I am an Indian girl, my skin colour and other physical characteristics separates me from others, because it my RACE, something which I am born with. Whereas my ethnicity has been altered and influenced by western culture, I can still eat Indian food, wear my traditional clothes but I am living in Australia and abide by the core Australian values. Ethnicity is something, which is dynamic and can be altered and changed according to the needs of society.

Studying about the concept of Race and Ethnicity is fascinating as it trains you on how to deal with the people of different culture. The ending was complete as now I can tell the difference…

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