Reflection Of Writing A Spiritual Autobiography Of My Life

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There were several inspirations for me in deciding to write this spiritual autobiography. These include readings from class, as well as my own desire to write through my trauma. Through the course, I have become aware of the desire to put my life into words and address the notion as to who I am and where I came from. By putting on paper all that I can remember in an organized way, and through the use of various sources, I have been able to construct a permanent story, while simultaneously recognizing lessons and relaying these teachings to future readers.
The initial spark I had to embark on this journey came by reading excerpts from The Memoirs of Glückel of Hameln. Gluckel wrote her own story “in the hope of distracting [her] soul from the
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Prompts included expanding on statements of “this I believe”, which reminded me how much I used to enjoy articulating my thoughts. Another prompt was to choose a song that brought us back to our childhood. We were to describe the song, where it brought us to growing up and where it brings us to now. In this reflection I chose an older song by The Rolling Stones, and the piece become a reflection on the relationship between my father and I. This relationship is a common theme throughout most of my writings, and this autobiography will be no …show more content…
It was here that I was first introduced the concept, and I really fell in love with the idea. I have always been relatively sentimental, at least on the inside, and I enjoy having emotions preserved in writing to look back on over the years. After reading the moralistic pieces of many individuals, I felt that I could benefit hugely from writing my own. My writing is largely influenced by these, and a goal of mine in the succeeding pages was to not only write my spiritual autobiography, but to put together lessons that I have learned through the years in retrospect. I would like my story to serve as inspiration to others regarding respect, both for the self and others, as well as

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