Personal Internship Reflection

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As a developing practitioner, I consider my areas of strength to be my ability to: connect and engage clients well; convey empathy to clients; be genuine/ authentic in my interactions and therapeutic delivery; remain mindful in sessions; my willingness to accept feedback regarding progress and completion of relevant paperwork; the ease and ability with which I work with individuals from differing cultures; being self-aware of my limitations; my ability to be flexible in scheduling appointments and in modifying interventions; and my ability to incorporate appropriate humor in the workplace and in sessions with my clients.
As with any other opportunities in life, I believe that there are areas for growth in my personal and professional development
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Carl Rogers, in his approach, emphasized the attitudes and personal characteristics of the therapists, including respect and being genuine as well as the quality and outcome of the therapeutic process (Corey, 2013). I felt like I conveyed respect very clearly to all my clients and was authentic in my interactions with them through simply being myself. The existential therapy approach practice is based on obtaining an understanding of what it means to be human and explores the basic dimensions of self-awareness, freedom and responsibility, creating identity and establishing meaningful relationships with others, the search for meaning and purpose, anxiety and awareness of death and non being (Corey, 2013). I particularly explored the concepts of self-awareness, freedom and responsibility in my sessions with some of my clinic clients primarily my adult clientele as I felt it played an essential role in their …show more content…
In completing all my required hours, I was able to work with clients and staff of different races, cultures and ethnic origins, different age groups, different personalities and values among others. As a result of my current full time job, this adjustment was not a difficult one for me as I am accustomed to working with a diverse group of staff and clients. Through my field experience, I was able to develop a better understanding on client symptoms, the DSM-V, assessment techniques, explored different theoretical frameworks, develop heathy and appropriate relationships with both staff and clients, and gained a more in depth understanding on how the field works. My experience has also motivated me into wanting to be the best helper I can possibly be as working with some of my clients was really heartrending for me due to the hardships they have been or are still going through. I was able to satisfy all my required goals but was a bit disappointed about not being able to participate in an adult psychotherapy group during my

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