Essay On Religion

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Overall, Religion 106: What is Belief? has been extremely eye-opening and enriching. I have learned plenty about different beliefs and tolerance and have found many answers to questions I have asked myself for a long time. In my opinion, I engaged very well with all of the course-work as well as all of the texts that we read as a class. If I had to give myself a grade out of forty points, I think I would give myself a thirty-five. I think that this number of points best represents my learning performance in this course for a number of reasons. The first reason is because I did all of the readings assigned and took each one into consideration and analyzed them in my own way, which is what the course asked of us as students. The next reason I …show more content…
Belief allows people to experience and accept many different things around them that may confuse or frighten them. If anything, this class has taught me that belief is necessary for a functioning society; it allows people to lean on something when times are rough. In my opinion, belief is very similar now to how it was in the past. Whereas in the past many people used belief as an explanation for things that they could not prove otherwise, nowadays there is more scientific proof for many things such as sickness, death, natural disasters, etc. I think that now people feel less obligated to hold on to their religious beliefs, but they do so anyway in order to keep their traditions and familial roots in tact. In terms of other beliefs and superstitions, people believe many of the same things they believed thousands of years ago. Many beliefs that people have now derive from ancient superstitions and folklores. This course allowed me to think more and more about different types of beliefs, especially non-religious ones. In the past, my thoughts on belief only regarded religion because I was so unaware of how many different types of beliefs there are. I have learned through this course that people believe in art, medicine, sports, miracles and monsters among many other things. People in the modern era can truly express their beliefs in any way they would like to, whether that is through art, social

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