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The dissection was conducted to be able to identify the respiratory tract such as the trachea, bronchus and more. Locate the various chambers of the heart and other major structures.
First the lungs and heart were set out so the tubes that are entering the lungs are at the top and the heart was underneath the lungs. Start to examine the trachea and examine the longitudinal structure of the trachea. Cut a section of the trachea to be able to examine the internal structures, and then cut down to where the tracheal bifurcation is. The next step was to examine the lungs and the division of the lungs into the lobes. From cutting the trachea, next you would cut open bronchi and follow it down. Identify the pericardium and
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The trachea was then cut to and it was found that you could see striations inside the trachea. You could still see and feel the cartilage rings and can feel individual rings when touching them. The cartilage rings were white/ clear. This cartilage is very strong but flexible (Health Line, 2015). These are also known as C- shaped cartilages are basically stacked on top of each other (Health Line, 2015). The trachea was cut down to the tracheal bifurcation which is where the trachea divides into two (GPnotebook, 2013).

The lungs were cut longitudinal to be able to inspect and dissect the internal structures. The lungs are a pair of air filled organs in which are located on either side of the chest (WebMD, 2015). The trachea inhales air, which goes into the lungs through the bronchi (WebMD, 2015). Next the bronchi divide smaller and smaller and these are called the bronchioles and then they can become microscopic (WebMD, 2015).
The lungs are covered in a thin tissue called the pleura; the same type of tissue lines the chest cavity (WebMD, 2015). A thin of fluid on the lungs is used as a lubricant to enable to lungs to expand and contract easily because the lungs can slip smoothly (WebMD,
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The left lung has 3 lobes and the right lung has 4 lobes. ANATOMY BOOK

The heart
The heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood through the blood vessels and round the body. The heart is enclosed by the pericardium. The pericardium is a double layered serous sac. The heart is located between the two lungs in the middle of the chest; it will be behind and slightly to the left of the sternum. ANATOMY BOOK
The heart consists of various tissue types (Revision World, 2015). The most important muscle the heart has in it is called the cardiac muscle (Revision World, 2015). Each cell that contributes to the heart is called myogenic; this means that it has its own inherent rhythm (Revision World, 2015).

The heart consists of four different chambers.
1. Right atrium
2. Left atrium
3. Right ventricle
4. Left ventricle
The atria are a lot smaller than the ventricles. The walls of the atria are a lot thinner and a lot less muscular than the ventricles. The atria are there to act as receiving chambers for blood. They are connected to the veins which takes the blood to the heart.
The ventricles are much larger they are also much stronger to be able to pump blood out of the heart. The ventricles are connected to the arteries that take the blood out of the heart

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