Reflection Of The Accident Of Virginia Tech Essay

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How Do We Interpret Puberty? Reflection of the Accident in Virginia Tech In the new year of 2016, the audience must have felt a strong sense overcoming when the President of the United States delivered his speech in the White House. As he was discussing gun regulations, he wiped away his tears in front of the world media. With his tearing and quivering voice, he mentioned that children have been dying due to gun violence. On April 16 2007, a tragic incident broke out. A Korean student at Virginia Tech, named SeungHui Jo, killed thirty-two students and put another thirty students in serious condition. According to the Korean newspaper “Money Today”, it analyzes that Jo had suffered from racial discrimination when he was a teenager. As this gun violence, there are criminal activities that have been involved by adolescences in these days. However, the important perspective that we need to focus on is that most teenager criminal activities have frequently occurred in the age of puberty. Therefore, we should figure out how puberty does effect on adolescents’ mental and behavior and how pubertal adolescents effect to our society. Then, we also have to provide solutions for them in order to help them adapt to the our environment properly
First, Puberty is closely related to adolescents’ behavioral change. The professors of the University of Groningen in Psychology Department, Bauke Buwalda and Moniek Geerdink, wrote a scholarly paper about Puberty. They state, “Puberty is…

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