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Reflection As a new administrator, this book said exactly what I have been saying to my new co-workers. As a 20-year veteran teacher, I have spent many years feeling unappreciated and undervalued. In becoming an administrator, I promised myself I would not forget about the teachers. We are told so often to love on our students, yet we so often forget to love on our teachers. Secret one says everything I have been saying, we have to love our employees. In my job I perform administrative responsibilities for the morning, 4 class periods, then I teach for the afternoon, 3 periods. My goal is to be a full time administrator thus I feel I walk a very thin line. If I speak up to much for the teachers, I am afraid my principal will look …show more content…
Feeling valued, important and making connections is essential for any successful company. Beyond that, making connections with one’s peers is essential to life. When connecting with peers, sharing a common vision and purpose, great and powerful conversations happened that often lead to paradigm shifts aimed as improving one’s organization. This is especially true in education. I cannot remember how many times I have sat talking with teachers, listening to their thoughts and ideas, and a brainstorm hits me. This, I believe, is the beauty of working and talking with one’s peers. Through the process the worker feels better, the students benefit and in turn the school …show more content…
“The focus must be on improving classroom instruction and adopting processes that will create a more precise, validated, data-drive expert activity that can respond to the learning needs of individual students”. (pg 81) hits the nail on the head. As educators we must teach to all children, we must put into action best practices to assure all our students learn and progress. Throughout the discussion in this section I was struck by the simple statement when discussing the reading changes in a Canadian school, “there is nothing fancy about Thornhill’s approach; it is just systematically and thorough…the school is so devoted to helping all its students become literate that is seems no student goes unnoticed” (pg 85). This, is one of the major aspect of why educational reform or paradigm shifts, not everyone is onboard. Reform is created by others not created by teachers in the building interested in making their students academically stronger. As educators we must compile data, almost daily, about our students, school and programs. True growth cannon occur until we have a base line and know where we are starting. We must then monitor the progress we have made. This increase in data is the only way to truly check our progress. This begins with quality instruction and best

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