Family Diet Analysis

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We live in a day and age where people walk for miles to lose weight, while in developing countries, people walk for miles to find food, water, and other necessities needed to survive. In American society, many see obesity as one of the main challenges that we face as a nation, but what is commonly overshadowed are those that are malnourished for they live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to scrape by and make ends meet. About 795 million people in the world are currently starving, but even for a developed country like the United States, 42.2 million people lack access to sufficient amounts of nutrition; that means that 1/6 of Americans are facing hunger or have a lack of access to food. To better understand those with a very limited budget, a meal plan can be created to walk a mile in the shoes of the less fortunate. In my family plan, I was able to stay …show more content…
To create a better diet for my family, I would only need an additional $20 in funds. This would cover all the fresh produce that I would need from fruits to vegetables and perhaps even fish.
As previously stated, my family diet plan is flexible due to the different ways I can prepare a certain meal. This can be seen in the breakfast section of my excel sheet which shows that I could have eaten something like cereal every day, but instead, each meal was different because every dish took a different form using the same ingredient.
Life however can be unpredictable, so no matter what is planned, whether it’s an accidental waste of food, or if a person came to visit, things don’t always go as expected. Despite this, I would be able compensate because I actually have a surplus of ingredients and leftovers from past meals. Take, for example the oatmeal, spaghetti, ground beef, chicken, or even the cereal. The cereal has been left completely untouched, whereas the other products came in family size and thus are much larger, allowing for

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