Eassy On My Cultural Identity

Cultural identity is a feeling of belonging to a particular culture which holds similar behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols. Culture can also be termed as what makes a person including language, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation among others. Although we are all born into different cultures, we are not born with them but learn about them at all levels of growth and development and as we grow old enough to understand. Those values are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next. We understand what our own culture is all about and learn to value all that our cultures value, adjusting to the dynamic style of it as culture changes over a period of time.
I started learning about my
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I come from a country that has forty two tribes, all with a different dialect and culture as well. My own culture is a mixture of two cultures together as my grandparents are both from separate cultures. When they inter married, each of them brought into the family their cultural practices and as we came into existence tried to adopt all of them together. This paved way for me to learn two dialects and we hold onto what both of them do. We go to church, socialize with neighbors and support one another. For example in ceremonies like death, birth and marriages gets everyone involved as our culture values support for one another. We also have some type of dressing for women and men whereby women are to avoid clothes belonging to men and vice versa. We also have certain foods we cannot eat and strongly recognize certain days like Christmas, Easter holiday and more in remembrance of what God did for us through his son Jesus Christ. The most important characteristic in my intentity is Christianity and I have a sense of belonging mostly in it. For the same reason, I strongly hold onto Christian beliefs and do not have any room for compromise
In my lifetime, I have encountered different people all with different culture, ethnicity and race than my own and their practices turned out to be parallel to my own. For example some belief in idols and worship in the shrines, offering their gifts
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I fully live with an understanding that we cannot all be equal so I value others beliefs as long as I am a partaker of only my own. I am trustworthy and other people can count on me in many areas and with time I have built trust for others as well, making my relationship with them easy to maintain. I am open to new ideas and get fully involved when it comes to understanding others. I am patient enough and allow those around me to understand me as I understand them. I am kind and perseverance so I give relationships many chances to make sure it works. I respect friendship of others despite their origin or cultures. I am honest and always let my culture known to others so they respect me for who I am as I respect them too. I also understand and seek more knowledge about other people’s cultures so by that I have a better understanding of their culture in such a way that I do not cross their border lines. Above all, I can go extra mile to help whether financially, morally or socially and all those strengths help me establish interpersonal

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