Essay about Reducing The Number Of Youth Being Sexually Exploited

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Expected Outcomes
Intended outcomes for the agency include (but are not limited to): reducing the number of youth being sexually exploited; providing opportunity for service providers and professionals to use trauma-informed care; to increase the number of youth seeking substance abuse assistance; to increase medical aid to the homeless youth and runaway youth population; to enhance services provided by community organizations aiding in child abuse; to reduce the number of homeless and street youth dropping out of school; to increase awareness of needs specifically to LGBTQIA homeless and street youth; also to increase the research scope of issues faced by homeless and street youth in Tarrant County. These outcomes are explained more in detail, with information on how the outcomes relate to the needs stated before. Our first outcome for this population involves reducing the number of youth being sexually exploited. According to the National Network for Youth (2015), 1 out of 4 street youth are victims of sex trafficking or prostitution, with 48% of these youth stating they participated in such actions, due to lack of shelter and safety. The National Network for Youth (2015) also state that 28% of street youth trade sex acts in order to receive basic needs, such as food and clothing. We hope to ensure that all homeless and street youth counted for within, Tarrant County, are assessed by the agency and other professionals for possible sexual abuse or sexual exploitation…

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