Persuasive Essay About Fast Food Jobs

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As a significant chunk in our society, fast food jobs employ millions. Every high school student wants the luxury of freedom. Jobs are a common way to gain that freedom. With fast food jobs available everywhere, teenagers typically end up behind the counter as a cashier or flipping burgers. Although the typical teenager may feel ashamed to be an employee at a fast food restaurant, the skills learned are beneficial to one day receiving a higher paying job. The phrase “typical teenager” is very broad and could have meaning to several different groups and classifications. For the purpose of this paper, a typical teenager will refer to students who are actively focused in their studies and extracurricular activities. These students are going …show more content…
Most students work jobs to fulfill their needs of money. This may be for personal activities or, depending on family income, helping financial needs at home. Whatever it is, one third of adolescents who have a job are behind the counter of a fast food place. Fast food jobs to some are a waste of time. Teenagers in today’s world could be working in jobs that that help them into the real world. Jobs like being an apprentice or getting an internship for businesses as much better options for employment. Start-up businesses are always looking for extra help and gaining knowledge of the economy can be easily attainable at these jobs. Yes, fast food jobs are not very good jobs to have a career at compared to an actual businesses that one could work at later on in life, but there are thousands of job titles out there, who said teenagers need to work at start-up businesses? Only being able to gain knowledge of the economy as an intern, which does not always pay, is false. Fast food jobs are the roots of the economy. There are corporations and franchises all over the world, but fast food restaurants tend to be some of the biggest. Although internships are great things to get involved with to get into the job market, working at fast food restaurants still provide necessary skills and knowledge to one day obtaining a higher paying

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