The Importance Of Fast Food Jobs

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As a significant chunk in our society, fast food jobs employ millions. Every high school student wants the luxury of freedom. Jobs are a common way to gain that freedom. With fast food jobs available everywhere, teenagers typically end up behind the counter as a cashier or flipping burgers. Although the typical teenager may feel ashamed to be an employee at a fast food restaurant, the skills learned are beneficial to one day receiving a higher paying job. The phrase “typical teenager” is very broad and could have meaning to several different groups and classifications. For the purpose of this paper, a typical teenager will refer to students who are actively focused in their studies and extracurricular activities. These students are going through …show more content…
Not only does work ethic impress employers most people gain a sense of satisfaction after staying on top of their work and coming out with great results. Great work ethic can expose you to great opportunities and can sometimes give you incentives others do not have. Having a work ethic in busy times may get difficult. Instead of slopping a burger together, or giving back something close to the exact change, satisfaction of the customer always comes first. Fast food jobs may throw out unexpected accidents at any time. Accidents are even more bound to happen in a rush, where everyone is running frantically to complete tasks. Burgers fill the entire grill, all the fryers are down in tickets are lined up in the window with the ticket register overflowing. Suddenly a man drops his tray and ketchup, fries and drinks go flying. You have to remain composed, go out there with a smile and clean it up while the long lines continue. It takes extra time but you will learn in time that panicking makes things worse. Employers can easily spot who is calm during busy rushes and who is losing their minds. Showing employers proper work ethic and performance will always do you good in the

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