Reducing Projects Through Crash Time Essay

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Reducing Projects through Crash Time

Wilmington University

In this paper we will review the possibility of reducing project duration, better known as crash time. This phenomena does happen often in projects and I have also experienced this in some of the projects that I’ve been involved in. There are a lot of factors that must be considered into these decisions, and into the possibility of reducing the time required and the potential to bring the project or exercise in early. While some of these factors could be as simple as material, or delivery time constraint, these are all valid factors that affect the timeline of the project and therefore the possibility to reduce overall project time. The two angles that we will
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Although costly, it will enable us to produce quality water to enter into the environment while moving forward with the project in order to comply with state mandates. Another example of crash time, but using CPM in a military operation, under different constraints, will be moving an exercise up from one to several days earlier than initially planned. Some of the constraints would be if you are overseas and operations are going overseas, the ability to clear customs, border crossings, and airspace clearance. While these could be accomplished within a reasonable timeframe with rescheduling, careful consideration has to be taken while dealing with foreign entities. If it’s done on the same continent with all troops or even foreign troops, one can deal with critical path and reduce the slack time until all paths are exhausted, thus you would have met the crash points on either using the LCM or CPM.
As we have reviewed briefly, the two ways which we can meet crash time is using LCM or CPM, it comes down to the ability of managing time, accurately and efficiently. Although these conditions or requirements could be met in most cases, certain factors have to be taken into consideration to ensure that we have the proper information on hand in order to get to the crash point and meet the criteria of the customer. As we look at most of these methods in solving crash time in project

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