Essay on Recycling Is Good For Our Environment

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Most would agree that recycling is good for our environment. In spite of this fact, nearly 25% of Americans do not recycle at all (Nastu, 1). The primary environmental benefit that is a result of recycling is reducing the need to manufacture new products. The modern era of recycling began in 1987 when a garbage barge by the name of Mobro 4000, left Islip, New York loaded with over 3,000 tons of garbage. The barge floated along the East coast of North America for months on end, searching for a facility to recycle the refuse, or simply deposit it in a landfill. Ultimately, the garbage was incinerated in Brooklyn (Pasternack). This event was widely televised and Americans became aware of the need to reduce the amount of trash that is deposited in our landfills.
There are varying costs for the recycling of different products. For instance, recycling aluminum is very cost effective due to high production costs for new aluminum. Aluminum requires 96 percent less energy to make from recycled cans than it does to process from scratch. In addition to this, aluminum can be recycled endlessly and the cost to do so is relatively low. On the other hand, paper products and plastic bottles lose integrity after repeated recycling and the cost to recycle these products is less cost effective than aluminum. The recycling of glass saves energy, but much less energy per ton of glass than recycling newspaper, steel, and aluminum. Although, experts say that recycling theses products…

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