Recognizing And Celebrating The Success Of The Black Community

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Recognizing and celebrating the successes of the black community perfectly describes the idea of ‘Black Excellence’. For the black community, the joy in celebrating this excellence has been counteracted by the backlash of apparent racism. Claudia Rankine’s “The Meaning of Serena Williams”, while specific to Serena’s career, discusses issues reflecting the struggle experienced by the black community, as it attempts to achieve the recognition of its excellence in the face of racist perpetrations.
Imagine that you are undeniably the world’s greatest tennis player, but the twentieth most marketable athlete according to a list provided by the London School of Marketing. Placed eight slots above you at twelfth, is a woman you have ousted eighteen of the twenty matches between the two of you. This list, as discussed in Rankine’s essay, clearly reveals the fact that your natural talent and sheer skill are blatantly ignored. So how do the members of the black community go about achieving the recognition of our excellence when the success of its most prominent members are denied? This question is extremely loaded and carries a heavy load of baggage that we must unpack.
Rankine states that “the notable difference between black excellence and white excellence is white excellence is achieved without having to battle racism. Imagine”. The methods in which the black community chooses to go about tackling this specific problem have a broad spectrum. For Richard Williams, as told by the…

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