Recidivism Is Not The Central Goal Of Restorative Justice Essay

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Many proponents argue that recidivism is not the central goal of restorative justice. They instead contend that restorative justice is intended to “meet the real needs of victims, offenders, and their communities created by the criminal act.” (McCold 1998) Offenders are held accountable for the consequences of their offense to begin to address their need to learn responsible behavior. (McCold 1998) Holding offenders accountable is expected to affect their future behavior, but changing their behavior is not the main purpose of restorative justice. (McCold 1998) Victims of crime desire to have their injuries recognized and experience confirmation that they are not responsible for the offense. (McCold 1998) Victims also want to feel that their sense of safety has been restored and to see that something positive is being done to address their needs. (McCold 1998) According to victim surveys, one of the main reasons victims report offenses to the police is to prevent future crime to themselves or others by the offender. (Karmen 1990) Restorative justice is able to address offender recidivism to an extent and this is important for crime victims. (McCold 1998) Communities also need to realize that juvenile offenses will not be tolerated and that steps are being taken to hold offenders accountable to assist in preventing a reoccurrence of an offense. (McCold 1998) Therefore, lowering offender recidivism is one measure of the restorative justice’s ability to address the…

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