Rebellion As A Negative Connotation Essay

1043 Words Sep 27th, 2016 5 Pages
Rebellion is usually seen as a negative connotation, yet there are instances that one must rebel against society to receive human rights. Not everyone in the world has equality or basic human rights. People, specifically black people, that have been mistreated and dehumanized for countless centuries. They must rebel in order to have human rights that everyone must have. It is not okay when you are put down and mistreated because of things like your race, your sexuality, your identity. There has been a repetition of generations and generations and they have had enough, then that 's been when you rebel against society and to the people (white supremacy) that are holding you back. There is a huge line where you should rebel against society or “the big man,” and where you seek help from others. Sometimes people, like white people confuse a social issue with an individual problem. Moreover, white people feel like they have a certain power and should be treated better than minoritized people when minoritized people have the struggle to have rights and to be treated as equals. That is when someone should rebel and fight for their rights. For example, Martin Luther King rebelled against discrimination and acts of violence that he himself received, but also others in the 1960’s through the Civil Rights Movement. During this time black people were risking their lives every day, scared to go anywhere alone because they might be killed by a white man. This is why they had to rebel…

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