Reasons On Society In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 Research Paper Fahrenheit 451 is a novel written by Ray Bradbury published in 1953. Fahrenheit 451 is taking us through the life of Guy Montag, a firefighter. In these times firefighters had a different job, instead of taking out fires they start them instead. Guy Montag’s job as a firefighter is to burn houses with books inside them. Books are totally wiped out of society and even illegal in these times. Fahrenheit 451 is taking place in a setting where technology is almost everything in people’s lives, people have ditched the idea of books and freethinking as a whole. Guy Montag meets a girl named Clarisse McClellen who really gives him a different perspective on life and Guy is very interested in her. The way Clarisse Mclellen lives her life is totally opposite of rest of the society, Clarisse actually isn’t consumed by technology and is a very thoughtful and freethinking girl, unlike others. She …show more content…
Book sales in the United States were down 9.3%, South Africa down 8.8%, Spain down 10.3%, Italy down 7%, and South Korea was down 20% (Nawotka). This is showing us that the world as a whole is starting to care less about buying books. Those percentages may seem small but these places are highly populated so that means thousands of books are not selling. With books being sold less this could make authors uninterested in writing more books because they are not selling and that percentage of books not selling will go up even more. Captain Beatty mentions that books were becoming unpopular and people were not buying them, so he says that is a big reason why the world of Fahrenheit 451 is all technology based. The people in our society are losing their love of books and are buying other stuff instead, like technology, and this could lead us to the same type of society where we will spend our time with other stuff other than

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