Reasons For A Lower Rhytidectomy (Neck Lift)

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A Lower Rhytidectomy (Neck Lift) is a surgical procedure designed to address signs of aging in the neck and jawline. Dr. John Michael Thomassen is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who performs Neck Lifts at his surgical suite in Fort Lauderdale.

Reasons People Choose to Have a Neck Lift

Individuals who notice that they have excessive wrinkling in the skin on their neck, a double chin, ‘turkey wattle’ and jowl lines, but do not feel they need a full facelift will sometimes choose to have a Neck Lift.

Various factors cause the loss of youthful contours in the neck and face. These factors include environmental conditions, genetics, gravity and stress.

Issues a Lower Rhytidectomy Can Address

A Neck Lift can address:
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Adjust current medications. Take certain medications prior to their Lower Rhytidectomy.

Dr. Thomassen performs Neck Lift procedures at his surgical suite in Fort Lauderdale. A Lower Rhytidectomy is performed as an outpatient procedure; therefore, patients need to bring a driver with them on the day of their procedure. In addition, Dr. Thomassen recommends that patients have someone stay with them the night following their Lower Rhytidectomy procedure.

Neck Lift in Fort Lauderdale – The Procedure

1. Anesthesia

To ensure patients remain comfortable throughout their Neck Lift surgery, medications are administered via general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

2. Making the Incision

The type of incision Dr. Thomassen chooses to make depends on whether the patient is having a limited incision Lower Rhytidectomy or a traditional Neck Lift.

A traditional Lower Rhytidectomy incision generally begins within the hairline at the sideburn level continuing down around the ear, ending in the posterior hair. Dr. Thomassen may also sculpt or redistribute fat from the neck and jowls. The tissue beneath the skin on the neck is repositioned; in addition, the platysma muscle may be tightened.

3. Redraping the
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Liposuction and Muscle Repair

To perform liposuction and repair the muscle, another incision may be made beneath the chin.

A Limited Incision Lower Rhytidectomy

If Dr. Thomassen is performing a limited incision Neck Lift at his surgical suite in Fort Lauderdale, the patient may receive incisions just around the ear; the results of this type of Neck Lift are more limited than can be achieved with a traditional Neck Lift.

5. Closing the Incisions

Incisions are closed via sutures and/or skin glue. Dr. Thomassen may use dissolving sutures or sutures that need to be removed several days following the Neck Lift procedure.

*A thin tube may be placed directly beneath the skin to drain away excess fluid and blood.

6. Bandage Application

To minimize bruising and swelling, directly after the Lower Rhytidectomy, Dr. Thomassen may gently place a bandage around the patient’s neck and face.

7. The Results

Once the incisions are fully healed, they are usually well concealed within the hairline and the ears’ natural contours. As the bruising and swelling subsides, the improvements achieved through the Neck Lift become evident. Patients enjoy a more youthful, rested

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