Essay about Reasons Behind The Decline Of Tsarist Russia

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Alek Zelbo
History Essay
November 25
The Reasons Behind the Decline of Tsarist Russia
There were four major factors that lead to the collapse of Tsarist Russia. Russia was very spread out, nearly 125 million people spread out across Europe and Asia, making it hard to govern. Russia became weaker because of World War I (losing 200,000 men) causing the Tsarist government to lose the support of the military. Tsar Nicholas had difficulty responding to any criticism or creating social reforms because the aristocracy and military elites backing him were against any political or social change. Most importantly, the Duma abandoned the Tsar. All these events culminated in the fall of the Tsar and the formation of a Bolshevik government in the fall of 1917.
The decline of Tsarist Russia began in 1904. Tsar Nicholas’ reputation among the Russian population was heavily damaged after a humiliating succession of defeats in the Russo-Japanese war in 1904-1905. In addition, at that time unrest and discontent with the government’s policies reached their height when there was a strike of all workers and an attempted revolution against the government. People were demanding constitutional reforms and a more democratic Russia. Furthermore, the guards of the Winter Palace killed workers who had organized a peaceful protest to express their demands to the Tsar . This led to a series of riots and demonstrations and clearly showed that the population was upset and not happy with…

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