Honor Killing Research Paper

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Plausibly, the most important reason for opposing honor killing is religious. Most people plea that Islam is the cause of such shameful acts since there are a lot of killing cases done by Muslim people or in Islamic countries. Yet, according to Amin (2016 ), honor killing is not acceptable, and it is not mentioned in Quran or hadiths. Also, religious authorities disagree with it and forbid it. Iftikhar(2016) reported Imam Zaid Shakir who said that in Islam there is nothing called honor killing and killing blameless women just because they did not follow their parents’ wishes is like cold-blooded murder and “ there is no legitimate Islamic religious authority who can argue”. Actually, all religions oppose honor killing, and some people are using the term “Islam “ in order to justify honor killing even though there is no support of it in Islam. So, people are creating and reflecting bad pictures about their religions, especially Islam, through their horrible acts. Moreover, if Allah tolerates people who did wrong things and sins, then who are we in order not to tolerate others and kill them? Actually, if a girl dishonored her family, it is a sin, but killing her is a larger …show more content…
It affects the social life and the ethics as it destroys the value of humanity by making people more aggressive. It also darkens the pictures of religions, in particular Islam, since many people believe that Islam justifies honor killing. However, many people support it as they believe that every girl who does not follow the wishes of her parents or lost their virginity have to be killed. Yet, the happiness and the future of the daughter are more important than following some rules. Accordingly, parents have to be friendlier with their daughters in order to have stronger relationships with them and that will make girls never lie or do things in secret. As a result, honor killing will be

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