"Rear Window" Analysis Paper

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Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 film “Rear Window” demonstrated a suspenseful and terrifying storyline, which captured the attention of a variety of audiences. The film focuses on James Stuart (Jeff) and ultimately his neighbors who live around him. Stuart is crippled from the beginning of the movie and is unable to leave his apartment. Due to his immobility, he remains confined in his home with a broken leg and begins to watch his neighbor’s particular behaviors and routines. The film progresses into drama and suspense that is seen through music, lighting, film editing processing and extensive detail to the neighborhood being watched. Rear Window exhibits these details in the scene where Grace Kelly who plays the role of Lisa, attempts to …show more content…
The narration of this film from Jeff’s viewpoint encourages the audience to identify with his point of view. Throughout the film we see his apartment and his belongings. We learn from these that he is adventurous and his business involves travel and photography. He tells the story based on his view of the world through his living room window. He observes and listens to his neighbors and imagines or implies what he believes he sees’ and hears. The film sets the story up by presenting different characters and how they behave while giving background information on all of the neighbors that can be seen from the window.
In the dramatic scene where Lisa enters Thorwald’s apartment we see the danger that Lisa is in while confronting a possible murderer. What is interesting is that what doesn’t come to mind is how Thorwald might feel in confronting an intruder into his apartment. Up until now Jeff has solely been an observer in this film, which shows Frame Narration. Side story characters are not narrating, however there are many stories, which are learned in the story line. The neighbors are introduced and are discovered. “Rear Window” contains not only a first person perspective from Jeff, but small plots of the side with other characters. The scene concludes with Jeff becoming an active participant for the first time and involves someone outside of his apartment to the scene.

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