Realism Of An Hour By Kate Chopin Essay

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During the late nineteenth century naturalism was a major influence in literary society. Naturalism emerged as a response to overly idealistic and imaginative works of the romantic era, as an extension of realism, and in attempt to portray life as it really was. Elements of naturalism vivid imagery and a strong cultural influence in narratives. Of the many typological roles in the late 1800’s, the role of women as the supportive wives was quite common. In “The Story of an Hour,” Kate Chopin tells the story of a female protagonist who goes beyond this role in a way that breaks social norms. In this story, Ms. Mallard, a wife with heart problems, is told that her husband has died in a “railroad disaster” and instead of entering into the stereotypical grieving process she finds a new sense of freedom (1609). This sense of freedom is quickly taken from her when her husband shows up at the door unaware of the accident and his reported death. At the sight of her husband alive, Ms. Mallard drops dead of a heart attack. Chopin utilizes elements of naturalism, foreshadowing, shock, and irony to convey that because of the social unacceptability of Ms. Mallard’s character, specifically her view of marriage as a repressive institution, her death is inevitable in order maintain social acceptability of the story for nineteenth century readers. This truth, however, only furthers Chopin’s assertion of stifling gender roles.
Diverging from the superfluous nature of the literature of…

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