Realism In Huckleberry Winn

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Scene: A family reunion at a Thanksgiving Dinner held, begrudgingly, by Adrienne Rich and her girlfriend, Charlotte Perkins Gilman at Adrienne Rich’s family home. Set in Maryland. Her brother has brought his one child, Huckleberry Finn. William Faulkner has brought his wife, Gertrude Stein, and their three children, Jason Compson II, Quentin Compson, Benjy compson and Caddy Compson.

Act I Scene I
William Faulkner: Children, please don’t play in the snow. Caddy, pull down your dress.
Gertrude Stein: A dress is a dress *INSERT QUOTE HERE*.
William Faulkner: Gertrude, please.
Gertrude Stein:Children will be children William. I don’t insult you when you do exhibit manly behavior
William Faulkner: Yes you do, dear. Regularly. Jason,
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How is your research going Mark? I find American Realism to be very interesting.
Mark Twain: It is very interesting. The commitment to showing how America really is, is a very interesting topic. Adventures of Huckberry Winn by Samuel Clemens is an amazing novel. *add quote*
Huckleberry Finn: You named me after the main character, right dad? (Mark nods in agreement)
Adrienne (mumbles): That isn’t a compliment.
Quentin Compson: What’s the difference between the Romantic period and the Realism period?
Caddy Compson: Duh, one has romance and the other doesn’t.
Mark Twain: That’s not necessarily true, Caddy. Both periods have their merits, but they are the complete obvious. Realism the rejection Romantic idealism, actually. It was a time of industrial expansion and unchecked laissez-faire capitalism, and you can see how it reflects in realism.
(Caddy Compson and Quentin Compson share a confused look, but don’t interject).
Mark Twain: Not to mention there were two movements within the period: Naturalism and the Local Color Movement. In fact, Samuel Clemens was a major author of the local color movement! He-
Charlotte Perkins interrupts : Okay, moving on to the next topic! Adrienne recently organized a protest at the capital for women’s
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Charlotte Gilman: There is also the obvious point that American literature focuses on American values system, culture, and themes.
Gertrude Stein: Whatever, I still want to move to France. À chacun son goût, Chacun son goût.
Jason Compson: Mom, Caddy keeps throwing food at me!
Caddy Compson: Nuh, uh.
Jason Compson: Yes, uh.
William Faulkner: Caddy, stop throwing food. Jason, don’t antagonize her.
Huckleberry Finn: So why is popular books not always the best books? I just don’t understand it.
Adrienne Rich: Have you taught your son anything? I know girls half his age that can recite some of the greatest poets and writers of all time! This is why women are definitely better than men.
Gertrude Stein: Andrienne, even I know you’re reaching there.
William Faulkner: It’s simple Huck. Sometimes the most brilliant minds are hard to understand and the general public has a difficult time reading their works.
Quentin Compson: Like who?
Caddy Compson: Yeah right. Books are easy. I’ve read every book in the world.
Quentin Compson: Nuh uh!
Caddy Compson: Yes uh! (Benjy starts crying as their siblings start

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