Real Warriors In William Shakespeare's Tragedies Build Real Warriors

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Tragedies Build Real Warriors
The one of the most famous tragedies, Hamlet, which is written by Shakespeare Williams in 1602, vividly illustrates the transform from a child to a brave warrior. The main character, Hamlet, is a Prince of the Denmark, and he should have lived in a peaceful and wonderful life; however, the mysterious death of his father, the King of Denmark, completely destroys Hamlet’s life into tragedies, which fills with revenges. At the beginning of the revenges, Hamlet is fragile and naïve. He does not realize the cruel challenges. He is fear to face his future, but he cannot give up the revenging to his uncle, Claudius, who does not only murder the former King and take reign, but also marries Hamlet’s mother Gertrude. Through
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In act 3 scenes 2, Hamlet talk with Claudius in order to make his uncle confess the action that, “This play is the image of a murder done in Vienna: Gonzago is the duke’s name, his, Baptista. You shall see anon: ’tis a knavish piece of work, but what o’ that? Your majesty and we that have free souls, it touches us not.”(Williams, 74) However, Claudius does not pass this test, and he can endure the plot of the play which Hamlet designs for him so he shout, “Give me some light, Away!” (Williams, 75) This extreme sorrow reaction completely recalls the revenge fire in Hamlet’s heart, and he believes there is no doubt that Claudius is murder, which kills his father like the story ghost tells to him. The Shakespearean biographer, Jonathan Bate, argues that such details, “Nor does he delay nearly so much he tells us he is delaying: he has to establish the authenticity of the Ghost, to ensure that it is not a devil sent to tempt him into evil action, and as soon as he has done this by watching Claudius’s reaction to the play he goes off to kill him.”(Jonathan, 5) Based on the observation and analyzing of Hamlet, he starts to change his completely madness to less madness because he does not pretend to be crazy in order to avoid others’ …show more content…
Claudius prepares a cup of poisonous wine, and Laertes puts a poison on the swart. As long as the person who is wounded by the swart, nobody can live. Hamlet also realizes that this situation should happen. He cannot avoid, and he does not intend to avoid any more. “It does not matter if he is killed as everyone must die.”(Eric 16) Consequently, Claudius, Laertes, Gertrude, and Hamlet do not escape the death, but their story is separated and Hamlet is not only a name, but also a spirit, which people familiar

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