Personal Narrative: How Technology Changed My Life

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Technology it every were its your smartphone you pc your mac technology is all around you and you don’t even think about it. It make life so much essayer you can go see a friend you can call a friend text your girl friend so why then am I lonely? I send a text and get a one back but is that really talking? I Facebook a friend but is that real face to face talking to my friends ?
No its not you see now a days we are all about what down on that screen we foget to look up we forget what real and what fake . Why have a friend over win you can just facebook hem I ask myself once the answer is not as essay as it seem .
There is much lost in in a text or a call you or I just can not get that would be there if you and I talk face to face for one
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My first cell phone I got was win I was 18 years old and I got it for myself win I first started working . I remember thinking now I can talk to all my friends all the time . I was wrong I had all my friend number but no one wanted to hang out most of them told me stuff like who meet up and hang out or no one dos that anymore we all just hangout online. For a time I try to do stuff like online gaming but it never felt right I never got to see them and if was not about the game we never even talk . After a long time I game up on trying to talk to other it just did not feel …show more content…
I now that others share my feeling because one day a got to see the saddest thing I ever got to see the name of the video was I forgot my phone. the hole video you follow this one woman as she ignored all her friend are all on there cell phones even at a birthday party as she giving a cake to the birthday man he filming it on his cell phone . Many of my friends say they feel lonely in rooms full of other . at times this makes me want to scream look up. Dam it just upset me that this thing called social media is anything but social it more of a way to stay a way from other trying to keep people apart not bring them together. Why no one want to just look up and talk is something I do not under stand and can not under stand . There are even study 's done by humans like Barbara Fredickson showing that smartphone take a toll are ability to connect to others .there a overwhelming feeling of loneliness and no end in sight so long as every one feel the need to be on there cell phones all day or on Facebook all day. As I wright this paper I lean the pain of other but more then that I learn why there are hurting and with that I can help plan how to fix it . Put down your phone talk

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