Essay about Reagan, Ronald Wilson And The President Of The United States

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Reagan, Ronald Wilson (1911-2004), the 40th president of the United States (1981-1989), enforced the policies that reversed a general direction of movement toward greater government involvement in economic and social regulation. There were several of Reagan’s policies that had an impact on ending the Cold War. In order to bring down the Soviet Union and end the Cold War for good, Reagan came up with the Reagan Doctrine, built up our military, and used his quick wit and humor to demean the USSR’s communist ideals. Reagan was the younger of two sons, was born in Tampico, Illinois and spent most of his childhood in Dixon, Illinois.
After studying at Eureka College, a small Disciples of Christ college near Peoria, Illinois, he majored in economics, and became the president of the student body, a member of the football team, and captain of the swimming team. He was drawn toward a career in acting, but after his graduation in 1932 the only job available related to show business was as a local radio sportscaster. In 1936 he became a sportscaster for station WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. A year later, Reagan went to Hollywood and began an acting career that spanned more than 25 years. He played in more than 50 films
When President Reagan took office he set out to fulfill a second promise to the nation and that was fix the national budget and issue some sort of tax reform that would ease the hardships of most Americans struggling just to make ends meet. President Reagan wanted four stages…

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