Reading Rodeo Promotion Pl A Non Profit Community Summer Reading Program For Kindergarden Through High School

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Reading Rodeo Promotion Plan
Reading Rodeo is a non-profit community summer reading program for kindergarden through high school. The idea came from varies thoughts of refraining to do the same Vacation Bible School that every neighborhood church had scheduled for one week in the summer. “Childhood pastimes are increasingly moving indoors,” reports U.S.A Today in 2005, and not much has changed eight years later. Students have invested their summer days, home-alone, in video games. The community has shrunk as more and more youth practice their individual gaming skills. Parents need help to scoot the youth into the community to participate in connecting to people. The core advertising message is born from the vision to support families in investing young lives back into the summer community.
“Are you listening? Did you hear? It isn’t her-it’s Him. The witch’s magic is weakening! You thought it would last forever, but the ice is melting and the winter of your discontent is drawing to an end” (C.S. Lewis, 1950). Reading Rodeo will melt away the home-alone addiction to the game virus, and invite youth into the magical land of reading, writing and sharing in community. A delight place where youth will set and achieve their own reading goals, write a book together, listen to stories and socialize while playing games and reading to each other.
A small stage, “Reading Round-up,” will be set with a microphone for youth that sign up to read aloud a portion of what they…

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