Essay about Reading Is The Death Of Reading

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What Dillon shows us is that reading in smaller bursts are slowly hurting our ability to comprehend information and texts. Dillon shows us that there is a huge difference between reading online and reading a physical copy. He finds it funny that we have not noticed this sooner, we rely so much on digital information, but we have not paid attention to how much it has effected us (Sullivan par 6). One of the earliest articles I found that discusses the decline of reading is The Death of Reading by Mitchell Stephens written in 1991. Stephens is a journalism professor at the New York University. He paints a picture for us of day to day activities that have been altered by electronics.
“Three people sit in a doctor 's waiting room. One stares at the television that rests on an end table, the second fiddles with a hand-held video game; the head of the third is wrapped in earphones. A couple of kids, waiting for bedtime, lie on the floor of a brightly painted room, busily manipulating the controls of a video game. Two hundred people sit in an airplane. Some have brought their own tapes, some doze, most stare up at a small movie screen” (Stephens par 1). “What is missing from these pictures, and increasingly from our lives, is the activity through which most of us learned much of what we know of the wider world. What 's missing is the force that, according to a growing consensus of historians, established our patterns of thought and, in an important sense, made our civilization.…

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