Read Carefully the Following Piece of Text. What Does It Tell Us About Cross Cultural Encounters?

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Assignment 5
Option B
Read carefully the following piece of text. What does it tell us about cross cultural encounters?

In 1892 the new vice-consul for the Benin river section Captain Henry Gallwey visited Benin and signed a treaty which made Benin a British protectorate, but as far as the British were concerned the treaty proved disappointing and by 1896 many British traders and officials were calling for military intervention, although the foreign office seemed reluctant to do this.
On January 2nd 1897 the acting consul-general of the protectorate James Phillips set off without permission for Benin accompanied by a large armed party. When news of the oncoming invaders reached Benin it caused alarm and messengers were sent
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Even with these pieces being displayed in such a way as to aid cross cultural appreciation and understanding which is also demonstrated in the Sainsbury African Gallery at the British Museum (illustrations, Plate 3.2.24, p55) people still argue as to if these pieces should be in western hands at all. “Despite these less cluttered and more aesthetic methods of display there is still criticism that we still ignore the cultural and religious significance behind these objects”(Kevin Dalton-Johnson, DVD) and we will never Know the true appreciation behind them until they are returned to where they originated.
How should these pieces be displayed? Who owns them? Where should these objects be shown? Will as many people be able to view them if they were returned to Africa and what about religious and cultural beliefs? These arguments have some logic in the ongoing debate.” These are a few of the questions that are regularly asked when the subject of returning the artefacts is raised. The original ownership was from Africa and they were forcibly removed, and the cultural meaning that

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