Ray Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451 Essay example

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Imagine a world where books are forbidden and thinking is prohibited. Imagine a world where television is our only form of having a “family,” and conversing with others is deemed foolish. Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 science-fiction novel explicitly illustrates this imaginative dystopian life. In the novel, Bradbury develops an atmosphere where a government enforces strict laws in an effort to create a highly technologically based community. Set in the twenty-first century, the setting brings an overall foreboding tone. Although the story is written in third-person, Bradbury utilizes a limited omniscient narration that follows the point of view of the protagonist, Guy Montag, closely. In the course of Montag’s character development, he becomes one of the few characters in the novel that is aware of the destruction technology brings upon the nation. His curiosity leads to the onset series of rebellious acts into his life. For example, he secretly hoards books in hopes of finding happiness, and thus the knowledge behind the meanings books bring. His inquisitiveness is seen as committing a senseless crime. Montag portrays himself as a man who is simply trying to understand why people are stripped of their fundamental rights. However, along the way he encounters internal psychological humanism which conflicts with not only himself, but also with societal norms. As Montag struggles to understand the meaning of books and fill the void of his emptiness, he also searches for his…

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