Rapid Urbanisation In Zambia

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Lusaka in Zambia and Lagos in Nigeria are two cities facing similar issues due to rapid urbanisation. However these cities are dealing with the issue differently. Both cities have a strong colonial background which has influenced the city today (Gandy, 2006; Rogerson, 2008). Both cities economies have not grown as fast as the population and the people have responded differently to this issue (Hampwaye, et al., 2007; Ilesanmi, 2010). Each city has a different approach to how they are going to decrease poverty (Ilesanmi, 2010; Hampwaye, et al., 2007).
Both cities have come from a similar colonial background, however this has affected the cities differently. In the lectures it was discussed that Lusaka was only ever intended by Colonials to serve
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The cities have not been able to create new jobs for the people arriving in the city. However, both cities have responded differently to this sudden change. In Lusaka the informal work sector has grown (Rogerson, 2008). In the lectures, it was discussed that the informal sector can be a wide variety of employment such as in the commercial castor (selling of food and goods), services (mechanics) and trades such as tinsmithing. Although the informal sector is illegal, it tends to be over looked by officials because it has been realised that these people need to do this to survive (Hampwaye, et al., 2007). Urban gardens have also supplied the urban poor with a source of food and a possible income (Hampwaye, et al., 2007). In Lagos, there has not been a development of this informal sector as widely as Lusaka. One of the biggest issues due to unemployment is young people leave their education facilities and then have no job opportunities (Gandy, 2006). In the lectures, in was mentioned that only 20% of graduates become employed when they graduate. This means that there is a lot of young people who become poor and could even turn to crime (Ilesanmi, 2010). Due to Lagos not providing an alternative employment, unlike Lusaka who has the informal work sector, there is increased poverty and

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