Essay about Rapid Growth Of Population And Its Impact On Urban Areas

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Nowadays, the number of population living in urban areas has reached 50 percent of the total world population and will reach 84 percent by the year 2050 (Dixon 2011). The rapid growth of population will have both positive and negative impacts in terms of economic and environment to the cities. In terms of economics, the large number of the population becomes a driving force to boost urban economy due to the abundance of labor and the increasing of consumption. On the other hand, the huge number of the population will have significant impacts on the environment such as ecosystem deterioration, water scarcity, unhygienic sanitation and other resource depletion (Dixon 2011). Focus on the water issue, increasing in the number of population has a direct impact on water demand in urban regions. ATSE (2012) stated that population is the primary driving force of urban demand for water and energy. According to Russo et al. (2014) besides the high population growth in urban areas, climate change also has significant impact on the availability of water. The rise of temperature makes some of the water catchment area in the urban region becomes hotter and dry faster. Moreover, climate change also has effects to the decrease in rainfall rate that worsen the availability of water in urban areas. Water availability and access to water are some of the crucial components to realize a sustainable urban development (Russo et al. 2014). In accordance with the principle of sustainability which…

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