Essay about Rap Music And Its Effects On The World

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More than ever since the eighty’s rap has been a controversial subject. Whenever someone says something harsh someone wants to stop them from saying it. There have been concerns with how violent rap music has gotten, but is censorship really the way to go about fixing these problems? There are many problems with trying to censor rap music. Censoring someone’s way of expressing themselves is never the right way to go about fixing a problem. Even if a large amount of rap is violent the world is a violent place. Most rap isn’t reality, so why censor it? Censoring rap is not a realistic goal. Overall the reason that rap music is so violent is because, like any form of art it’s an expression of how people feel. There is a reason why people say what they say in their music. One of the major contributions to rap music that had been boycotted was the Rodney King case. Of course events like this are going to make people want to write about it. Sometimes what people write may be harsh, but a song can’t be nearly as terrible as the reason someone wrote it. In 1992 Ice T’s song “Cop Killer” came out. As the title suggests the song is about wanting to kill cops. This is an extremely harsh reaction, but the inspiration of this song was the police brutality and the situation that went on with Rodney King. Ice-T’s song “Cop Killer” came out, and he was boycotted because of it. It would have been more effective to protest police brutality though. If there wasn’t any police brutality…

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