Rap Frog : A Dark Revenge Story By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Hop-Frog is a dark revenge story by Edgar Allan Poe, that perfectly captures human capacity of evil. In Dark Romaticism, the protagonists are similar to antagonists because they are all prone to sin. The “good guy” would have a dark side and capacity for evil. As such, The protagonist in Hop-Frog is portraited as cruel and inhumane as his nature. With that being said, All the characters malevolent motives and actions are indicative of the Dark Romantic Movement. Hop Frog and his friend Trippetta are protagonists as stated by the Narrator. They are vulnerable and innocence Dwarfs, who has tiny appearance compare to normal human being. Hop Frog and Trippetta are the victim who suffers in the tyranny system of slavery. The Narrator once noted “Hop-Frog, and a young girl very little less dwarfish than himself....had been forcibly carried off from their respective homes in adjoining provinces, and sent as presents to the king” (Poe 2). Hop-Frog and Trippetta have are people from far distance lands. Base on description, they are in different ethnic group from regions. After the war, they were taken as prisoners and then became slaves. Finally, they would be offered to the king as presents. As indicated by the Narrator, Hop-Frog and Trippetta’s human rights are stripped off. In the oppressive system of slavery, people are no longer treated as human beings. There is no equalities in system of slavery, as they are subject to beating, humiliating, and murdering. At the court, dwarfs…

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