What Is The Greek Version Of Ayodhya

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After reading the Ramayana comic book and the two Sanskrit versions of this epic poem, I decided to focus on the excerpt Ayodhya to compare to the comic book. Similarly, various texts when translated, can be interpreted inconsistently as to how the writer had originally intended or as the audience is supposed to interpret the text. We see that in these texts, when comparing them there are some major differences, from which questions may arise. Some questions presented may be, “What is the right interpretation?” or “Why might this have been interpreted differently in the poem and in the comic book?”. This paper will discuss major differences recognized in the Ramayana comic book and the Ayodhya epic poem excerpt. Key propositions that I have …show more content…
When I think of a comic book I always tend to resonate it with a younger generation or even those who process things in a more visual manner. On the other hand, when I think of a contextualized poem, I tend to relate it to an older generation or someone of higher education standards. Since this is an ancient Indian poem, I feel that it has been interpreted in different ways to keep the poem alive in the culture. By producing a comic book and having detailed poems, it allows people of all ages to continue to keep aspects of their culture alive. Merely with this I feel that the comic book tends to “sugar-coat” a lot of the violent events that happen in this ancient Indian poem. Whereas the epic poem of Ayodhya it is recognized that there are no images present to help explain or visualize the events that are taking place in the poem. For specific instances where we see this presented is first, in the Ramayana comic all throughout essentially, but a section that really stood out to me was (Ramayana comic p.6-7). In this event Rama is taking out a Demoness and it is almost portrayed as a playful situation. What I mean by this is that there is no blood, no guts, and no true horror presented in the events. They are simplified in a way just to give people the initial idea of the event that they are trying to portray. Almost as if the story is meant for a younger audience. An event that took place in the excerpt of the poem is mainly

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