Essay about Rama 's Treatment Of His Wife

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In Valmiki’s Ramayana, Rama’s treatment of his wife Sita zigzags as his honor is threatened, therefore turning sour when he is obligated to challenge his wife’s chastity. One of the first interactions between Sita and Rama occurs after Rama has been asked to go into exile, in which he explains that “the forest is not a place for a princess like [Sita]” (Ramayana Book 2, Page 1182). This exchange exemplifies how Rama views women as weak in the face of danger, even if he does care for her and does not wish harm upon her. Often, it is the man’s role to take care of his wife, no matter the situation. In this piece of literature, Rama is believed to display true strength when he attempts to keep his wife under a safety net instead of at his side. When Rama searches for Sita after she is kidnapped, Hanuman contemplates Rama’s determination, claiming that “if, for [Sita’s] sake, Rama turned the whole world upside down, it would be proper” (Ramayana Book 5, Page 1217). Rama is dedicated to the cause to rescue his wife – even Hanuman knows this.
While the damsel-in-destress trope is common, Valmiki fights this stereotype: Sita is stubborn and defiant, never wavering in her chastity. Rama, while performing his duty, also cares deeply for Sita even when he doubts her loyalty. Sita is the key to Rama’s honor, but he would still do anything to rescue her, even kill Vali and Kabandha. After Sita returned to Rama, he questions her and declares “that all this was done not for your sake,…

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