Essay Ram The Ideal Man

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Although the “perfect man” doesn’t exist, Rama comes pretty close to being one. In the story, “The Ramayana of Valmiki” Rama is presented as the ideal man. He is seen as the ideal husband, son and future king and embodies all of the characteristic that come along being all of these things. He is loyal, strong, selfless, protective and handsome, in addition to many others. Throughout the entire story, there are many examples that support Rama is the perfect human being.
If most people found out they were no longer going to become king on the day of their coronation, they would not be very happy about it. Rama, however, had no problem when this happened to him. Instead, he just listened to his father’s wishes without any questions asked. “Promptly and without the least sign of the slightest displeasure, Rama said: “So be it! I shall immediately proceed to the forest to dwell there clad in bark and animal skin” (pg. 1177). Rama wasn’t even phased or upset about the idea, which shows how selfless he is. He was more worried about if his father was mad at him, since he wouldn’t speak to him. Rama is very loyal to his father and would never disobey him. On page 1179, Rama said, “The commands of the guru, the king, and one’s aged father, whether uttered in anger, cheerfully or out of lust, should be obeyed…with a view to the promotion of dharma.” Rama puts his fathers wishes first, he wouldn’t even let his mother come with him to the forest because it would be “extreme cruelty…

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