Raising Awareness About Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( Std )

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This case starts out with a girl having a great idea about raising awareness about sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) since it was a very hot topic in the school at the time. There is nothing illegal about what Kelli is doing by creating the page as long as it is strictly used for good and nobody gets offended. By doing this at home, Kelli would be clear of any school policy that might restrict students from using school computers for social media websites. Kelli has done everything by the books thus far. When George enters the group is when things start to become a legal issue. George targets Julie and posts some pictures and other posts that are considered to be bullying and under State law, cyberbullying. If George did this at home, it would be something that would need to get reported to the State, but being that George did this from a school computer, it becomes a school issue and could be argued whether the school handles the discipline, or the State comes in and gets involved.
George proceeded to bully Julie on the group page from home which may prevent the school from using any of that evidence. Kelli was in the clear until she posted a response to George’s post which was also directed to Julie and would be considered bullying. What we don’t know is whether Kelli used a school computer to respond to George’s post. If she did, it is a school matter. If not, her case lies within the State and the school cannot get involved with that part.

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