Rainbow Bridge Essay

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The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo

The rainbow Bridge in Tokyo is a wonderful one to visit. It has great architectural value people from many country visit this bridge every year. They get great interest by visiting the bridge .
The rainbow bridge has three transportation way on two decks. They are upper deck and lower deck. Once the bridge was tolled but now it is untolled . There are two separate walk ways of the bridge. One is on the north & another is on the south side of lower deck. From the north one can view the inner Tokyo harbour and Takyo Tower. Similarly from two south one can view the Tokyo bay and sometimes Mount Fuji.
Rainbow Bridge is a fantastic Bridge in Tokyo one have to spend only one hour to go from one end to another. It is fairly easy and comfortable.
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The city looks very wonderful from it.
3.Fuji T.V Studio is also very enjoyable site from here.
4.Statue of liberty is the most attractive place for the visitor.
5.The visitor can visit the palette town amusement center which has 150 store shopping malls.
6.Hotel Gracery Tamachi,hotel Monterery are also visiting site to all.

Parking the car on the Shibaura side on the rainbow bridge parking lot.
One can easily walk over to the gate of promenade and instantly comes to a question “Will you take the northern or the southern route ? If you go by the north route, you can see Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo tower . If you go by south side you can get and awesome view of the looped road near shebaura and the water front of Odaiba Decks and also Fuji T.V bulding”.The best time of the day for visiting the bridge is the twilight time if the day remains clear.If it is a cloudy day you can not see far .Yet you can great view of the action of the cruise and cargo ships which are passing under the bridge.

Five Things you should know before visiting the Tokyo bridge and five things you should do there :
Five things to know before visiting the bridge

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