Rain Man Psychological Analysis

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Rain man, a movie that teaches on right brotherhood and parenthood. A father bequeaths much of his wealth to an elder son suffering a psychological disorder. In reality it represents more specifically the disorder called “autism”. The younger son gets a substantial but little wealth in comparison. The film has three characters that are also the starring. The story introduces the first character Charles Babbitt whose film name is Tom Cruise, Charles comes to realize of his father’s death and the fact that all the wealth had been bequeathed to another son Raymond who goes by the film name, Dustin Hoffman, an unknown brother whom Charles could not remember. Charles worked as an automobile dealer in Los Angeles and upon learning of his father’s death he goes back to Cincinnati. In the will, Charles was to inherit a huge bed of roses in his father’s estate and the remainder valued at $3 million was put in a trust fund, only to realize it was left to a trustee bestowed to his distant brother Raymond an autistic savant, probably with a mental disorder. The third character is Susanna; the film name is Valeria Golino who happens to be Charles girlfriend.
Charles also realizes that he was to inherit the 1949 Buick
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It is out of this episode that Susanna, Charles girlfriend gets upset with how Charles seems to treat his brother. When together with Raymond in the hotel Charles asks Raymond’s doctor to transfer half of the estate to his name in exchange for the return of Raymond who was now under his custody. This shows that the main reason behind Charles holding his brother was to get access to control money left. Still glued to his auto mobile business Charlie convinces Raymond to travel with him to Los Angeles but later declines the offer citing airline crashes. He gets worried of getting hurt after he remembers several incidences where people

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