Radar In The 1950's

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In the 1950s, technology was slowly evolving and as it evolved so did the methods used in war and how Americans viewed the government and entertainment. Radar was one of the first advances to contribute to the war, then the development of the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer that helped develop the fusion bomb. Next, the first satellite was sent to revolve around the Earth, but it was from the Soviet Union, which resulted in Americans drive to develop Explorer 1. It ultimately improved Americans understanding of space. Then lastly the use of television became a way of entertainment and the media- savvy politicians became very influential speakers by connecting to the audience that was sitting at home.
Radar is an important electronic used in war. The radar went through many improvements that led to quicker and a lighter machine. “Radar represented the first important use of electronics during the war” (Halberstam 93). Radars were created first by vacuum tubes and then with transistors. The goal was to make it lighter and faster. That finally happened when an electron replaced the traditional electrical circuit with a small metal switch that had to be pulled by electricity. This changed the war because we were able to learn enemies’ positions
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Media savvy politicians were able to find a way to connect to the viewer back home. They would make their campaigns like advertising commercials, which caught the attention of viewers at home. Richard Nixon was a very influential speaker on the television. One of his most memorable speeches was Checkers, because he was able to connect with the American people and the Republican Party. Nixon had been accused of accepted gifts and had not been putting them on his taxes. To address this issue his speech, Checkers, displayed his humble lifestyle and that the only gift he had ever accepted was the family

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