Essay on Racism Within American Higher Education

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Racism Within American Higher Education
This history of American higher education is plagued by systemic racism and oppression of many marginalized identities such as Black, Latino/a, and women. African American students were almost entirely banned from American higher education from the creation of Harvard College in 1636 until past the Civil War (Anderson, 2002). Slave states banned African Americans from education using the state law, while free states practiced institutionalized racism to keep African Americans out of college and universities. With the decision of Brown v. the Board of Education in 1954, African American students were legally permitted to apply for admission to any college or university, even if previously an all-White college (Anderson, 2002). While African Americans have more access to higher education than any other time in American History, systemic racism is still overwhelmingly present in 2016. On Wednesday, October 19 a Black female student at Louisiana State University (LSU) arrived at her campus apartment and found a Halloween ornament that read, “Go back 2 Africa N****r monkeys” (Campus Racial Incidents, 2016). LSU administration worked quickly to make sure the student felt as comfortable as possible and offered to move the student immediately to make sure they felt safe. The University president sat down with the student and family the day after the incident. A trigger warning was issued to the whole student body and an active investigation…

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