Racism, Sexism, And Sexism Essay

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Elderly people overpopulate the United States because of the baby boomer trend and we must do something to put an end to it. Old people are ruining the United States and who is to blame but the parents of the baby boomers who apparently could not just have one children, but had to procreate at least two or more all because of the war and now our country is paying for it not them. The two questions you may have are, why is this a problem and how are we going to deal with it? This is a problem because they are responsible for a large portion of our nation’s debt, they never seemed to care about their environment like today’s generations, so they basically ruined that for us and now we have to fix it, and they are the majority of the reason we still have homophobia, racism, and sexism. These old people have created some pretty awful issues in today’s society and I believe the only way to fix this overpopulation is to just start killing them off once they reach a certain age. The overpopulation age range is about 52 and higher, now since in our country we think you 're not technically a senior citizen until you’re 65 I have some good news for the 52-year-old; they can live for a little longer. In order to get rid of the oldest of the bunch, who are probably the worst ones, we will start by killing off the population of 70 and older. Places like Africa and South America have low elderly populations and inside sources have confirmed that they are secretly killing off their older…

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